Stichting Amateurfilm

De website van Stichting Amateurfilm is een ontmoetingsplek voor amateurfilmers en liefhebbers die zich bezig houden met de geschiedenis, hergebruik en studie van amateurfilm.


The Stichting Amateurfilm was founded with several goals in mind. The Foundation aims to stimulate the collection, preservation and re(use) of amateur film material and to arouse public interest in both historical and modern day forms of amateur film production. The Foundation consists of a small team of five board members. We organise and support various activities concerning amateur film in all its varied forms.

Amateur films are film, video or digital media that are not made by professionals. These films, particularly home movies, are often recognizable because of their familiar activities, locations and events. Through the years, amateur film has gained recognition as an important form of cultural heritage. Amateur film material offers a unique look into the history of everyday life, and sometimes it can even show important historical events through the eyes of the average spectator. More and more programme and film makers incorporate amateur film material in their new, contemporary productions.

Amateur film should not, however, be seen as only a historical film form. With the rapid development and improvements of mobile phone cameras and online video platforms, a whole new form of amateur film is gaining popularity. The Foundation gladly supports these new forms of filmmaking and tries to incorporate them as much as possible into its activities.

Since 2004, the Foundation has organised an annual Day of the Amateur Film. This ‘Day’ was started to promote interest in amateur films and related projects and to provide a platform for the results of these projects. Since 2007, the Day has been part of the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht.

The Stichting Amateurfilm has a close working relationship with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, where the vast collection of films, archival material and objects belonging to the former ‘Stichting Smalfilmmuseum’ (the predecessor of the current Amateur Film Foundation) has been looked after since May 2006. This collection is unique in The Netherlands and is of national importance. The home movies, in particular, give an immediate, tangible and personal look into everyday life throughout the twentieth century.

If you have any questions about the Foundation or the Day of the Amateur Film, please email us at

You can also become a supporter of the Foundation by donating. If you would like to support us, please send an email containing your full name, postal address and phone number. You can send the donation to account holder ‘Stichting Amateurfilm’, account number 4280168.